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VERNISSAGE to the exhibition "The Village in the Valley" by Pham Thi Doan Thanh and Nguyen Dam Thuy.

Doan Thanh is a student of Nguyen Phan Chanh, the master of Vietnamese silk painting. In her paintings, she combines the Western school of realism with the village art of Vietnam. Her silk paintings, woodcuts and watercolors show a deep desire for idyll and peace.

Dam Thuy spent her childhood full of memorable memories on the country in South Vietnam. With her paintings in mixed technique (acrylic and oil), she refers to these village memories and puts them in a modern context. They illustrate the generosity of people, their dreams and purity of hearts, especially the Vietnamese women.

Exhibition duration:   19.05. – 30.07.17
Location: Fröbelstr. 6, 91058 Erlangen
Phone: 09131 / 30 36 64
Fax: 09131 / 71 01 59


Press about the artist (German press) Der bunte Tiger sucht nach neuen Freunden In diesem Paradies tobte einst der Krieg Vom Traumland bis Bayern Bergregionen im Siedlerhäuschen