The artist

The artist, the painter Pham Doan Thanh was born in 1950 in Hanoi. She has been incredibly interested in painting since she was a little girl, so at the age of 11 Doan Thanh was admitted to an art-gifted class at the School of Fine Arts in Hanoi. After studying painting for 12 years in both The Fine Arts School and The Industrial Arts College, together with what she learned later from her beloved teacher - the famous artist Nguyen Phan Chanh, Doan Thanh found her own way in painting - style, materials, and colours. Actually, the beautiful silk paintings of Nguyen Phan Chanh are highly-appreciated with the deep colours of brown, black, white and green, while Doan Thanh’s attractive silk paintings are greatly impressed by brighter colours expressing youthfulness and liveliness. Doan Thanh comes from Hanoi, however, most of her paintings have been concentrated on the minority people and their simple life - the soft beauty of women and the natural landscapes in the mountainous regions in North Vietnam. In 1970s, some of her successful paintings such as “Minority Woman Painters”, “Mid-Autumn”, and “Bathing in stream” were introduced and soon became popular in the country. And since 1972 Doan Thanh has become a member of Vietnam Arts Association.

Although Doan Thanh settled in Germany in 1980s and has been living there with her German husband, she continued pursuing her career - Painting. Painting pictures and make contributions to her native country seemed to be her life-long passion. At present, Doan Thanh is a member of The German Artists’ Association. Apart from that, the dedicated painter and her devoted German husband have enthusiastically participated in a lot of charity activities in both Germany and Vietnam to help agent-orange affected children as well as poor children in Vietnam.

In addition, Doan Thanh has successfully taken part in a variety of art exhibitions in Vietnam, China, Russia, Finland, and Germany. Also, Doan Thanh has her own painting exhibitions held in German and Austria (Berlin, Lobau, Zittau, Rostock, Furth, Nurnberg, Saalfelden, etc.). To a certain extent, Doan Thanh’s reputation abroad has glorified Vietnamese fine arts. Doan Thanh always tried her best to popularize the image of Vietnam, the heritages of Vietnamese culture to people in Germany as well as people from other countries. In her paintings, therefore, there can be seen attractive minority women, joyful children, and gentle wife and mother amid natural landscapes of mountainous areas in North Vietnam. Doan Thanh’s paintings have been mainly used four materials: silk, woodcut, water colour, and oil.

"Le Minh Khue"